Make Yeast-raised Pastries

Make Yeast-raised Pastries


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Course Objectives


Describe the functionality of ingredients used in yeast raised pastries.

Calculate recipes using Bakers Percentage

Produce laminated doughs following standard recipe, methods and processing parameters. Prepare suitable fillings.

Apply processing techniques using refrigeration in production and storage.

 Proof and bake products to a satisfactory standard

Apply appropriate finishing to baked pastries.

Apply standard storage requirements for a yeast raised pastry items.

Produce yeast raised pastry doughs, fillings and garnishes following standard hygiene and food safety requirements for food production

Course Content


Selection of suitable ingredients for yeast raised pastry:

Flour types, protein levels

 Fats Laminating pastry butters, margarines

Sugars  granulated

Yeast Moistening agents

 Mixing methods

Straight dough method

 Fold in Processing parameters

Pre conditioning of ingredients as required.

Preparation of laminating fats Number of folds required.

Resting of pastry using refrigeration

Sheeting, cutting and shaping of finished dough.

Utilization of scrap pastry,

Resting, filling and pre oven finishing pastry items

Proof temperature setting requirements.

Filling and pre oven finishing

Baking Requirements

Oven setting and conditions for each product category

Baking times

Fillings & Finishing materials

Fruit fillings, almond fillings, Glazes

Evaluation of baked and finished items

Size and shape, baked colour, finishing quality, eating qualities

Storage of Baked and Finished items

Suitable storage for yeast raised pastry items.

Practical Component

Fold-in and French Method Produce varieties of Custard Danish, Bear Claw, Apple Square, Windmill, Croissant Plain and Chocolate filled

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UEN number: 200821327E

Course Code : TGS-2018500668

Course Funding Period : 02 Jan 2019 - 04 Aug 2024

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