About Us

During the covid-19 pandemic, both me and my wife try to upskill ourselves by attending WSQ courses approved by SkillsFuture Singapore.  We found it is frustrating not able to find enough information about the WSQ courses available in the market. Some good SkillsFuture approved training providers did not advertise online or not often enough, while some only advertise through words of mouth marketing.

There are thousands of WSQ training providers in Singapore. Some specialise in one niche domain, while others provide many different courses across different SkillFuture frameworks. We do not know which training provider provides what course and which course is good. There are no unbiased reviews anywhere.

We also do not know which training provider has the most suitable WSQ course for us in terms of our training needs and working schedule. Nor do we know which training provider has the courses we wanted to upskill ourselves. And if we are lucky to finally find one, we are not sure if this training provider is the most suitable choice for us. Maybe there is another training provider providing providing the same WSQ course at a lower course fee or offering a better course content? Or maybe there is another training provider offering the same course nearer to my workplace or home? And we found a lot of our friends having the same problem. We literally do not have enough information to do a proper due diligence to make an informed decision.

Thus, SkillsPortal.sg was born. 

Choose from over 250 WSQ SkillsFuture and professional short courses across more than 20 industries in Singapore, at any time.

Singapore's Most Comprehensive WSQ SkillsFuture and Professional Short Courses Portal.

Operating on the fundamentals of trust, transparency and expertise, we help adult learners  make confident and informed decisions.

It showcases the course content, funding, reviews and training provider in one simple platform for easier comparison. And with one click button, you can register interest in the course and the training provider will contact you directly.

It's Free to use SkillsPortal.sg to search for all our training needs.


Richard Ng

Founder of SkillsPortal.sg