Prepare Sweet & Savoury Fillings, Sauces and Cream

Prepare Sweet & Savoury Fillings, Sauces and Cream


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Course Objectives


Describe the functionality of ingredients used in making sweet and savoury fillings, sauces & creams

Calculate recipes using Bakers Percentage

Prepare a variety of sauces and creams for use as garnish or filling

Identify suitable fruits for use in pie fillings and fruit coulis

Understand the sugar boiling principles and types used in baking

Prepare savoury fillings for use in pies or savoury pastry items

Prepare basic sauces suitable for the addition of savoury fillings

Follow appropriate storage requirements for filling, sauces and creams

Store and date stamp fillings for food safety aspects.

Produce fillings and garnishes following standard hygiene and food safety requirements for food production.

Course Content


Preparation creams and custards

Cook creams and custards following standard recipe procedures

Preparation of Sugar solutions, simple syrup, boiled sugars

Preparations of Fruit puree  Coulis , Fresh fruits

Prepare suitable fruit, savoury and cream fillings

Prepare suitable pastry bases suitable for the inclusion of fillings, creams, sauces

Finish and garnish items with sauces and creams

Storage requirements: Temperature range, date stamping and stock rotation, shelf life Processing parameters

Preparation of basic pastry bases  puff pastry, short crust pastry, choux pastry

Assembling of pastry base with suitable fillings

Cream & Custard preparation requirements

Thickeners  Cooking style

 Cooling and storage

Sugar Boiling process and procedures

Prepare simple stock syrup and heavy toffee sugars

Fruit suitability for puree & process

Preparation of fruit fillings

Fruit suitability for use as a filling

Practical Component

Crème Anglaise, Fruit Fillings, Savoury Meat Fillings, Savoury pies, Sweet & Savoury Pastries, Bread Butter Pudding

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Full Fees : $589.68

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Course Duration : 4 Days

Additional Info

UEN number: 200821327E

Course Code : TGS-2019502397

Course Funding Period : 01 Apr 2019 - 24 Jan 2023


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