Social Media Branding (SMB)

Social Media Branding (SMB)


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Course Objectives


Learning outcomes

LO 1: The learner is able to define what is branding

LO 2: The learner is able to perform active listening of the customer's perspective of the organisation brand, products and services

LO 3: The learner is able to draft social media marketing and branding assets

LO 4: The learner is able to execute social media marketing and branding campaigns

LO 5: The learner is able to document customer reception and outcomes of branding campaigns

LO 6: The learner is able to monitor the success of branding against Key Performance Indicators(KPI)

LO 7: The learner is able to assess campaign effectiveness and public relations outcomes and provide feedback for improvement.

Course Content


Social Media has become part of everyday life in Singapore with 4 in 5 Singaporeans using Social Media and 3 out 4 of Singaporeans on Facebook.

It is inevitable that businesses must expand to use the internet and social media to engage consumers young and old. Social media remains the top digital marketing channel to create awareness of products to consumers and may use it as a way to brand and push out their products to the general public.

Regardless of whether it is a big corporation or an entrepreneur looking to push out his/her first line of baked goods, social media is the easiest, fastest and lowest barrier of entry digital marketing channel and the best to conduct branding, marketing, or public relations.

This is a 16hr course that will provide learners with a blueprint to the world of social media allowing them to identify which social media channels to choose and embrace the social media landscape.

Learners will learn to use both computers/laptops and their smartphones to curate media, design social media posts, and monitor and evaluate their campaign effectiveness. This will cover the areas of branding, marketing, and public relations via social media to help their business build awareness, loyalty, and sales.

Most Suitable for Home-Bakers • Professional Bakers and Bakery Owners • Small Business Owners

SOA for the course: Sales and Marketing; Brand Management level 3 (ICT-SNM-3002-1.1)

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$272.61 for Singaporeans 40 years old and above.

$412.41 for Singaporeans between 21-39 years old


 Full Fees : $761.91

SME / MCES / Singaporeans > 40 years old : $272.61

Non SME / PRs / Singaporeans < 39 years old : $412.41

Course Duration : 2 Days

Additional Info

UEN number: 200821327E

Course Code : TGS-2021006766

Course Funding Period : 19 Jul 2021 - 18 Jul 2023

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