Peranakan Delights

Peranakan Delights


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In Tha Workshop Overview:

Embark on a delightful culinary journey and immerse yourself into the vibrant flavours of Nyonya cuisine with our Peranakan Delights workshop. ​ Discover the unique blend of Malay, Chinese & Indonesian influences as you learn the techniques used to cook up traditional mouthwatering Peranakan dishes.

Learn To Make:

1) Nyonya Nasi Goreng (Nyonya Fried Rice)

Delicious fusion fried rice with Nyonya-inspired flavours

2) Udang Lemak Nenas (Pineapple Prawn Curry)

Creamy pineapple prawn curry

3) Ayam Kapitan Kari (Chicken Curry Kapitan)

Rich & flavourful chicken curry with aromatic spices

4) Teh Bunga Telang (Ternate Tea)

Blue pea flower tea with unique floral flavour

5) Nasi Bunga Telang (Butterfly-pea Rice) 

Blue pea flower-infused rice with vibrant & aromatic appeal

6) Ayam Buah Keluah (Chicken Curry)

Tender chicken cooked with rich, flavourful buah keluah sauce

7) Nyonya Chap Chai (Mixed Vegetable Stew)

Medley of Nyonya-styled mixed vegetables

8) Nyonya Ngoh Hiang (Nyonya Chicken Roll)

Flavourful & crispy Nyonya-style meat roll appetizer

9) Kuih Ko Sui (Palm Sugar Cake)

Delicate & sweet steamed rice cake dessert

*recipes may be subjected to change


What You'll Learn: Preparation:  Prepare ingredients for Peranakan dishes Assembling:  Learn to assemble Peranakan dishes Presentation: Plating and presentation of Peranakan dishes


Full Fees : $1046.40

MCES / Singaporeans > 40 years old : $374.40

SPRs / Singaporeans < 39 years old : $566.40

Additional Info 

Course Code : TGS-2023021823

Course Duration : 24 Hours 

Course Location : The Centrepoint

UEN Number : 53325019J

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