Asian Delights: Poultry and Rice Dishes (Thai Cuisine)

Asian Delights: Poultry and Rice Dishes (Thai Cuisine)


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Thai cuisine is notorious for its use of fresh herbs & spices.

In our beginner-friendly workshop, learners will explore the different Thai flavours & cooking techniques to create iconic Thai dishes - from Tom Yum soup to Minced Basil chicken.

What you will be learning:
Preparing ingredients for Thai poultry & rice dishes
Learn to cooking techniques of cooking Thai dishes
Plating & presentation of dishes

Learn to make: 

1) Pineapple Fried Rice ข้าข้วผัดผั สัปปะรด

 Stir-fried rice cooked with fruits & curry powder

2) Cashew Chicken ไก่ผัดผั เม็ดม็มะม่วม่ งหิมหิ พานต์

Chicken chunks stir fried with cashew, oyster sauce & chili

3) Tom Yum Soup ต้มยำ กุ้งกุ้

Hot & sour soup cooked with seafood

4) Olive Fried Rice ข้าข้วผัดผั หนำ เลี๊ยลี๊บฝรั่ง

Fried rice cooked with black salted olives

5) Thai Pandan Chicken ไก่ใบเตย

Marinated chicken bites wrapped in pandan leaf

6) Pad Thai ผัดผั ไทย

Stir-fried rice noodles served with prawns & chicken

7) Thai Green Curry แกงเขียขีวหวาน

Spicy & aromatic coconut milk-based curry

8) Mango Sticky Rice ข้าข้วเหนียวมะม่วม่ ง

Thai dessert made from fresh mangos & glutinous rice


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Additional Info 

Course Code : TGS-2022011234

Course Duration : 22 hours

Course Location : The CentrePoint 

UEN Number : 53325019J

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Samantha yip
Asian Delights: Poultry and Rice Dishes (Thai Cuisine)?

sorry I hv not even have the confirm date for this class, has there any fund been deducted from my skill future fund ?