Personal Make Up Course

Personal Make Up Course

Toni International College of Aesthetics & Physiology Pte Ltd

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Course Objective

  1. Introduction to Makeup
  • Overview of the course objectives and structure
  • Importance of makeup in personal grooming
  • Understanding different makeup products and tools


  1. Makeup Tools and Hygiene
  • Proper cleaning and maintenance of makeup brushes and tools
  • Hygiene practices to prevent contamination and infections
  • Identifying when to replace makeup products


  1. Skincare Basics 
  • Importance of skincare as a foundation for makeup
  • Identifying different skin types
  • Skincare routines and products for different skin concerns
  • Makeup products knowledge


  1. Face Makeup Techniques
  • Foundation application techniques (brush, sponge, fingers)
  • Concealing blemishes, dark circles, and other imperfections
  • Contouring and highlighting to enhance facial features
  • Setting makeup with powder
  • Blusher application and techniques for different facial shape


  1. Eye Makeup 
  • Eyebrow shaping and mapping techniques
  • Applying eyeshadow for different eye shapes (Korean Day/ Night look)
  • Eyeliner application (pencil and liquid)
  • Mascara / false lash application for longer and fuller lashes


  1. Lip Makeup
  • Choosing lip colors based on skin tone
  • Lipstick and lip gloss application techniques


  1. Practical Sessions and Demonstrations 
  • Hands-on practice sessions with guidance from the instructor
  • Live makeup demonstrations showcasing different techniques
  • Feedback and personalized tips for improvement



Course Fees

Course Fees: $320

Singaporean below 40 years old : $160 Skillsfuture Claimable 

Singaporean above 40 years old : $96 Skillsfuture Claimable 



Additional Info

Day 1 9am to 6pm
Day 2 9am to 1pm
Day 2 : 2.30pm onward there is assessment time (1hr)

2 days 






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