WSQ Affiliate Marketing Essential

WSQ Affiliate Marketing Essential

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Sharon Kong
WSQ Shopify E-commerce/Affiliate Marketing

Highly recommend anyone who will be interested to navigate the internet world for the above courses and more--conducted by trainer Richard Ng. He delivered all the above lessons with so much passion and the know-how, skills, knowledge he imparted were priceless--I have learnt so much more in the 2-day sessions , more than the hours and hours of zoom or others that I previously attended. Just to clarify --I dont know him personally, but feel compel to share this with whoever is keen to learn. Always look for the right and certainly much much more qualified than many others I have gone to...

Timothy Chew
WSQ Affiliate Marketing Essentials training not to be missed. Go for it!

I would recommend anyone who wants to know more about affiliate marketing to attend Richard Ng's WSQ Affiliate Marketing Essentials Course. Only 2 days but you get a lot of value with practical sessions and how affiliate marketing works as a business/advertiser and a publisher, some of which are not covered in the training course book. A real-life example from a practitioner's point of view!

Guo Hao
Best Affiliate Marketing Course

I highly recommend you guys to join any of the course that is taught by Richard. I have attended 2 of his course. Richard is a very humorous guy and he is very knowledgeable in marketing. He gave lots of tips and strategy, which is what he use to make money. The best part about it, practical more than theory. With his rich experience in marketing, you will definitely learn a lot from him and be able to start your own affiliate marketing.

Ng Mei Leng
Highly recommended Affiliate Digital Marketing course!

WSQ Affiliate Marketing Essential course is relevant to those seeking to start an online business without owning any products, yet having the ability to build a profitable business by promoting selling products for prominent companies that offer Affiliate Program. A competent and successful Affiliate Marketer can expect good result and earn lucrative passive income after training with the know-how. This course incorporates hands-on training to create Landing Page on popular platforms to campaign and market your affiliate products. Facilitator Richard Ng is a certified top-notch professional with many credentials. He specializes in Digital Marketing with excellency. His in-depth knowledge and rich experiences in the Digital Marketing arena are ones that learners can leverage on to become successful. The course contents is well structured and systematic. A highly recommended WSQ Affiliate Marketing course for those seeking to become an Affiliate Marketer and start earning passive income!