Plant Based Delights

Plant Based Delights


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Workshop Overview:

Embark on a vibrant culinary adventure with our plant-based workshop where flavours flourish and health take the spotlight.

Dive into the world of vibrant ingredients and discover the art of crafting delectable plant-based dishes that excite the senses and nourish the body. 

Learn to create delicious food with plants 

Learn To Make:

1) Spaghetti Al Pesto 

Spaghetti cooked with pan roasted pine nuts, basil, garlic & olive oil

2) Monkey Head Mushroom Rendang

Monkey head mushroom cooked in flavourful rendang gravy

3) Vegan Char Siu Rice

BBQ Tofu covered in char siu sauce, paired with fragrant ginger rice

4) Taiwanese Style Popiah

Delicious sautéed vegatables wrapped in soft chewy wrapper

5) Vegetable Curry

Dish made from various vegetables cooked in flavourful gravy

6) Vegan Roti Jala

Egg-free chewy, latticed rolled pancake

7) Orange Delight

Pudding made from orange juice, honey & constarch served with grated coconut

*recipes may be subjected to change


What You'll Learn:

Preparation & understanding: 

Unique ingredients used for plant-based dishes 


Full Fees : $697.60

MCES / Singaporeans > 40 years old : $249.60

SPRs / Singaporeans < 39 years old : $377.60

Additional Info 

Course Code : TGS-2023021891

Course Duration : 18 hours 

Course Location : The Centrepoint

UEN Number : 53325019J


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