Men's Haircutting Course


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Course Overview
This course is for students that have no prior training in hairdressing and would like to start as a beginner to gain entry into the industry.

The focus of this course is on the skills of basics in performing a man haircut.


Men's Haircutting Course

Training Hours - 24 hours


Course Content:

Practical ‣ Mannequin Sessions Only Duration: 24 hours Time:
3 Weeks – Monday, Wednesday & Friday (6pm - 9pm)
9 hours per week / 3 sessions per week
Course Fee: $450. Application Fee: $50
Tools will be provided by the school


Learning Outcome
While on the course, you will take part in a practical session working on mannequin heads.
Upon completion of the course, you will be able to:

– Hair Sectioning
– Square Layering
– Diagonal Line Section
– Different Layering Cut at Horseshoe Section
– Texturizing
– Point Cutting
– Clipper + Attachments
– Blending of Slope

Course Entry Requirement
Course participants should be at least 16 years old of age at the date of class commencement and able to understand English or Mandarin.

Graduation Requirement
Students are required to attend at least 80% of the classes. 

Training Hours (24 hours)
Please refer to the following table for mode of study and course duration.

At the end of the course, you will be able to progress onto a Certificate in Foundation Hairdressing.

Course Awards 
Upon meeting all School Graduation requirements, you will be awarded the Certificate in Men’s Haircutting Course by Kimage Hairdressing School.


4 reasons why Kimage teaching methodology produces great hairdressers in Singapore

  1. Full-time, qualified teaching staff with certified trainers for each course
  2. Structured training programs conducted via hands-on  practical sessions with live models
  3. Renowned Kimage salon-school environment to reinforce immediate employability



Course Fees
$450 (Incl 7% GST) – payable on the first day of class. (The course fee is eligible for SkillsFuture Credit claims)

Upon Application (non-refundable)
Application Fees $50 (Incl 7% GST)

Additional Info 

Course Funding Period : 13 Jan 2016 - 19 Jun 2023

Course Code : TGS-2020500940 

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Fang

Men's Haircutting Course

Men's Haircutting Course

the trainer was great. Her explanation was clear and precise. So far nothing negative. ☺️

Bernard Tiw
Men's Haircutting Course

It was fun n enjoyable experience. Looking forward for tmr training.

Men's Haircutting Course

Hi. The sessions were very fun.

Men's Haircutting Course

I’m enjoying the course. A bit difficult but the teacher is very patient and nice to us!