Delicious Bento

Delicious Bento


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Workshop Overview:

Unleash your culinary creativity in our hands-on bento-making workshop.


Dive into the art of crafting an array of mouthwatering dishes, ideal for sharing with loved ones. 

Our expert instructors will guide you on an exciting journey to assemble, cook, and craft your own delectable takeaway meals.

Learn To Make:

1) Tuna Onigiri ツナマヨおにぎり

Japanese rice balls stuffed with tuna & mayo

2) Garlic Fried Rice ガーリックライス

Japanese Styled fried rice with butter & garlic

3) Character Bento キャラ弁

Bento with rice & side dishes shaped like animals

4) Baked Yakitori 焼き⿃

Japanese skewered chicken

5) Maki Sushi 細巻き

Rolled sushi with various fillings wrapped in seaweed

6) Salmon Mentaiko 鮭明太⼦

Salmon covered in marinated pollock roe

7) Enoki Chicken Roll エノキチキンロール

Enoki mushroom wrapped in chicken

8) Gyoza 餃⼦

Japanese dumplings filled with minced chicken

What you will learn:

Preparation: Prepare ingredients for bento box

Assembling: Learn to prepare bento boxes

Presentation: Plating & presenting bento box design


Full Fees : $959.20

MCES / Singaporeans > 40 years old : $343.20

SPRs / Singaporeans < 39 years old : $519.20

Additional Info 

Course Code : TGS-2022016226

Course Duration : 22 Hours 

UEN Number : 53325019J

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