WSQ Facilitate Effective Communication And Engagement At The Workplace -

WSQ Communicate Effectively as a Team Leader at the Workplace

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Learning Outcome

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

Promote effective communication within the team

Use appropriate communication, conflict resolution and negotiation skills to build rapport and relationship with colleagues, stakeholders and customers, as well as,

Resolve conflicts through negotiation while taking diversity issues into consideration.

Course Outline

Communicate organisational communication policies and procedures to staff and monitor their compliance

Maintain channels of communication to update staff on latest and relevant work-related information according to organisational communication policies and procedures

Promote effective communication among staff taking into account diversity issues

Use appropriate communication techniques and tools to suit different communication styles of people in formal and informal settings

Assess conflict situation and develop appropriate conflict resolution strategies

Resolve conflict using appropriate conflict resolution strategies, approaches and techniques


Hands-on exercises, group discussions & presentation, case studies, facilitation & sharing.

Who Should Attend

This programme is targeted at front-line workers, staff in supervising roles or individuals in professional/talent positions with supervisory responsibilities and the self-employed who have to:

Work with others on a daily basis

Join a task force at short notice to handle specific tasks within the enterprise

Take responsibility for specific workplace resources usually related to an organisational sub-set of functions

Exhibits personal mastery to stay resilient and adaptive in trying times while keeping relevant and aligned with organisational goals.


Additional Info

Course Funding Period : Till 03 Jun 2024

Course Code : TGS-2022014002

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