Japanese Wagashi Workshop


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As Singaporeans are seeking more aesthetically appealing food and authentic cuisines, especially Japanese cuisines, it is crucial for chefs or bakers to have the versatility and knowledge to produce different types of cuisine as well as the skill to design and produce delicate desserts.

The 7-hour course will enable learners with little or no knowledge to prepare, cook, assemble and shape different types of Japanese wagashi.


Duration: 1 Day Course (9am-5pm) 

Course Fees : $294.25, including GST  (100% SkillsFuture Claimable) 


Course Fees : $294.25, including GST  (100% SkillsFuture Claimable) 


Additional Info

Course Code : TGS-2022010768 

Course Funding Period : 21 Jan 2022 to 20 Jan 2024  

Customer Reviews

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Wagashi workshop

Chef Wei lee is passion in imparting her skills to the student, she is very detail and clear , hope there is advance course especially on the different sculptures techniques

Too Pretty to Eat

With zero baking experience, Chef Wei Lee has made this Wagashi workshop seems so easy yet challenging especially the sculpting. She’s very encouraging and positive vibes all over her. With her patience and experienced coaching, I brought home 6 pretty nerikiri and a box of jelly chewy warabimochi. Well spent day at this workshop. Noteworthy, at SDH, washing of use utensils was done by the staff which allowed us to only focus on learning and practise. My experience with another learning centre was a lot of time was wasted on queuing to wash the utensils and sink is often flooded.

Japanese Wagashi workshop

Thanks to Chef Wei Lee, it was fun learning experiences even though I have no cooking/baking experiences.
She is very thoughtful, skilful, passion and patience. Great Shifu indeed.

Wagashi Workshop by Chef Wei Lee

Interesting and nice workshop. BY CHEF WEI LEE. She is a very patient and experience chef . Today we have learned alot of different designs from Chef Wei Lee. Apart from other courses that I have attended last time . This is the only course that do not require students to wash and clean up all the utensils after using and this credit have to thanks to Ms Florence.
Last but not least , thanks to the school that given out a very nice apron to all the students that attended this workshop.

Very highly recommended this workshop if u guys is interested on the Japanese sweet desert.


instructor has a lot of patience and detail in teaching. impress that we do not need to wash up. very zen experience