WSQ Solve Problems And Make Decisions At Supervisory Level -

WSQ Solve Problems And Make Decisions At Supervisory Level

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Learning Outcome

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

Acquire the skills to work with a team of subordinates in practising problem solving and decision making, which includes:

Anticipating and identifying potential problems,

Facilitating team’s effort to resolve the problem,

Making appropriate decisions and seeing implementation plans through.

Course Outline

Identify symptom(s) that could lead to potential problem(s) at the workplace

Apply logical deduction to anticipate and detect problem(s) at the workplace based on symptom(s) and relevant information gathered

Analyse relevant information surrounding the perceived problem(s) and identify the exact problem using elimination process, objective reasoning or process questioning

Analyse the root cause(s) of the problem(s) at the workplace using appropriate problem-solving tools and techniques

Facilitate generation of solutions to solve problem(s) by encouraging creativity among team members

Select a solution among the shortlisted ones collectively with team members using appropriate evaluative technique(s) and criteria

Develop an implementation plan that addresses the root cause(s) of the problem(s) and consider the impact to self and team

Evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented solution and implementation plan by analysing feedback gathered from relevant sources

Formulate and execute modifications to restore and/or enhance effectiveness of implemented solution and implementation plan

Review the effectiveness of modifications made and analyse learning points and best practices that can be used for future reference


Hands-on exercises, group discussions & presentation, case studies, facilitation & sharing.

Who Should Attend

This programme is targeted at front-line workers, staff in supervising roles or individuals in professional/talent positions with supervisory responsibilities and the self-employed who have to:

Work with others on a daily basis

Join a task force at short notice to handle specific tasks within the enterprise

Take responsibility for specific workplace resources usually related to an organisational sub-set of functions

Exhibits personal mastery to stay resilient and adaptive in trying times while keeping relevant and aligned with organisational goals.


Additional Info

Course Funding Period : 06 Oct 2011 - 17 Jun 2023

Course Code : TGS-2011500989

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