Vibes Professional Trading (FX) Masterclass

Vibes Professional Trading (FX) Masterclass


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This rigorous, intensive Masterclass explores the fundamental, technical, and sentiment aspects financial markets from a FX perspective to develop an appreciation across the fields of finance, economics and trading through real-world case studies. By the end of the class, students will be able to analyse and extrapolate information based on historical and current market data to make better investment and trading decisions.

Course Overview

Whether it’s a foreign exchange (FX) or a commodity, a keen trader should be equipped with a basic understanding of how a confluence of fundamental forces and the prevailing business, regulatory, economic and social landscapes all interact to determine the behaviour of market price movements and, in so doing, acquire the ability to form nuanced views on the markets they seek to trade.

Acquire practical knowledge in these fields from pricing principles to global market structure, and find the best fit to add in the portfolio. Participants in this module will also be able to apply trade strategies and learn to spot trade opportunities to gain from the market when trading forex and commodities.

Learning Objectives/Topics:

Understand the global market structure, prevailing regulatory landscape and players in FX markets

Understand the basic pricing principles and market terminologies in FX markets

Understand the fundamental forces which impact individual FX markets and identify sources to mine fundamental data, indicators, news and event announcements to make basic value judgements

Theoretical and application of technical analysis

Understand and apply the appropriate metrics used to evaluate returns

Retrieval, analysis and mitigation of various systemic and non-systemic risks

Analysis of predictive, sentiment analysis

Apply common FX and Commodity trade strategies effectively to monetise trade opportunities or express market views

Who Should Attend / Pre-requisites:

Anyone looking for career opportunities in the finance industry

Professionals interested in widening their skill set to develop their financial career

Self-taught traders interested in improving their portfolio

Anyone with keen interest in learning about trading

This course is open to all interested applicants regardless of their level of financial knowledge


Course Fees : $500 ( Skillsfuture Credit Claimable)

Additional Info

Course Code : TGS-2021001873

Course Funding Period : 06 Jan 2021 - 05 Jan 2023

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