Live Streaming Essentials

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Get personally trained by one of the most popular and successful Live Streamers in Shopee Singapore!





  1. Getting started with Live Streaming.
  2. The learner will be able to explore overview operation in Live streaming.
  3. Differentiate between online and offline sales.
  4. What are the factors of live streaming?
  5. Four stages of live streaming.
  6. Create an online live streamer account on social media channels.
  7. Practical live streaming Experience. To conduct 30 mins live streaming for each. group.
  8. Back end data analysis - Customer feedback.

Your Key Takeaways from this 1 day class

  1. Structured Content to guide you into the Live Streaming industry
  2. Tips and best practices for successful Live Streaming
  3. Hands-on facilitation to enhance your learning curve
  4. Quick Start Methodology enables you to initiate your journey within the program.


  • Class Date: 8 Nov
  • Time 9am-6pm
  • Venue: 2 Venture Drive, Vision Exchange S608526



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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Quek Pei Shan

Awesome experience for 1 day course. Location is too far for me (1 hour) Meet new friend, learn a lot of things. Hope future can had Adult camp. I want join.

Wei Jie Lai
Live Streaming Essentials

feel the course is very worth for the price which I had pay.

What did I benefit from this 1 days essential live streaming workshop?

-Overall, I get to learn the basic ingredients required to do a live streaming, and learned the real life experiences from teacher, Hillary and Lucas.

The best of all, I get to experience how Hillary present the live stream and Lucas oversee the operation from backend.

The most valuable experience is Hillary and Lucas create a safe environment for us to practice live stream using their professional equipment and give us feedback to improve on.

How can I apply this:
-I can continue to practice what I learnt and experience to become part time live stream as a side project.

-Also, as I continued practice, I get to work to build up more confidence and getting better in speaking. Thus, will help me whether to become better leader in my career or build better relationships as a better communicator.