Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns (IDMC)

Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns (IDMC)


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Course Objectives


Learning Outcomes

LO 1: The learner is able to identify advantages, constraints and interactivity of various marketing channels, technologies, and tools

LO 2: The learner is able to identify the key elements and considerations in a marketing mix LO 3 : The learner is able to determine key elements of a marketing strategy based on organisational requirements and use them to create marketing objectives for various marketing channels

LO 4: The learner is able to determine the suitability of the different digital marketing channels, platforms, technologies and tools for the marketing activities proposed in the marketing objective

LO 5: The learner is able to identify the various performance indicators of each digital marketing channel.

LO 6: The learner is able to identify the impact of different digital marketing platforms and their suitability for various products and services.

LO 7: The learner is able to identify digital marketing programs that are best suited for the business product/service offering

LO 8: The learner is able to select marketing channels, and define a marketing plan for those channels for an integrated marketing campaign

LO 9: The learner is able to recommend steps to integrate traditional and digital marketing efforts for the establishment of an online presence

LO 10: The learner is able to evaluate customer response and sales performance to determine the effectiveness of each marketing channel

LO 11: The learner is able to monitor and determine the impact of the marketing channel mix against overall sales performance

LO 12: The learner is able to apply techniques to measure the impact of a chosen marketing channel mix against the business performance

Course Content


New digital technology has impacted and influenced the practice and development of traditional business operations. One of the most affected areas has been in the ways that marketing is now being conducted. Internet and digital technology have not only changed the ways marketing is conducted, and it has also expanded the audience as well as provided a viable platform for non-traditional marketers to be involved in the consumption, development, and production of marketing materials. Today, digital marketing is an integral part of any integrated marketing plan and the planned consumption of digital marketing and materials can not be left to chance. Digital marketers and consumers range from the big corporates to the teenager who is practicing her tik tok dance moves at home. This 24 hrs competency based assessment course aims to provide learners with an introductory insight into the new world of Digital Marketing.

The course will provide learners with a stepping-stone into the new world of integrated marketing encompassing traditional branding, communications and marketing concepts and how they have been embraced by advents in digital technology resulting in a completely new marketing landscape. Starting with the use of mobile technology like smart phones to the intricacies of social media marketing, the learner will be introduced to the world of digital technology and how they can leverage on the new technologies to expand their reach as well as manage their brand.

Target Sector(s): • Home-Bakers • Professional Bakers and Bakery Owners • Small Business Owners

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Additional Info

UEN number: 200821327E

Course Code : TGS-2021006771

Course Funding Period : 19 Jul 2021 - 18 Jul 2023

Course Duration : 3 Days

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