Data Analytics and Data Visualization

Data Analytics and Data Visualization


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Data analytics is important because it helps businesses harness the power of data to make better data-driven decisions by analyzing trends to identify new opportunities and/or mitigate inefficiencies to optimize business performance. In this course, participants will learn the concepts of Data Analytics and Data Visualization using Python Programming to validate solutions and unlock insights for business outcomes.

Course Overview

Data has become integral to businesses and organizations. This course is built to bridge the gap between market talent demand and talent availability specific to business data management and business visualization. Learners will be able to prepare data, perform data analysis and visualization to gain insights into data. The course serves dual roles of presenting the importance of data on business decision making and of demonstrating ways that visualization can effectively augment business decisions.

Learning Objectives/Topics:


  • Understand the fundamental concepts of data analytics including terminologies
  • Understand the various types of analytics and data sources
  • Introduction to Jupyter Notebook, and develop an understanding of various data types and data structures 
  • Understand and apply Python functions
  • Conduct statistical analysis using python and web scraping
  • Familiarization to python libraries (Pandas, Numpys, Seaborn)
  • Familiarization to SQL and database concepts
  • Perform data visualization and storytelling via Tableau

Who Should Attend / Pre-requisites:


  • Anyone looking for new career opportunities in data analytics
  • Professionals interested in widening their skill set for further career progression
  • Anyone with keen interest to learn data analytics as a complementary skill
  • This course is open to all interested applicants from all backgrounds

Additional Details and Course Fees

Detailed course materials provided (Course Notes and Excel Spreadsheets)

Real-world case studies provided with walk-through

Video recording of course run provided

Lifetime support

Certificate of Completion awarded upon course completion


Course Fees : $750 ( SkillsFuture Claimable)

Additional Info

Course Code : TGS-2022014175

Course Funding Period : 17 Jun 2022 - 16 Jun 2024


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