Make Cafe Style Breads

Make Cafe Style Breads


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Course Objectives


 Describe the functionality of ingredients used in bread dough’s

 Calculate recipes using Baker’s Percentage

 Produce Sour Dough starter and build Levain

 Prepare multi grain breads incorporating Levain cultures

 Prepare suitable grain mixes for use in grain breads

 Prepare enriched sweet dough, fill and shape

 Prepare suitable sweet and savoury fillings for yeast dough

 Proof and bake products to a satisfactory standard

 Apply appropriate preparation of oven prior baking and finishing to baked items

 Evaluate bread products following quality parameters

 Produce bread dough with standard hygiene and food safety requirements for food production

Course Content


 Soaking of mixed grains prior to mixing

 Preparation of starter dough (Sour dough), types & feeding requirements

 Formula adjustment with different types of flour, grains and sour culture

 Dough making and processing parameters for variety of breads and buns

 Shaping and moulding (handmade and machine made)


Practical Components
Making of Sour Dough, Grain & Fibre, Crusty Breads, Sweet Filled Buns, Brioche, Multi Grain Breads, etc

After SkillsFuture Funding:  

$259.35 for Singaporeans 40 years old and above.

$395.85 for Singaporeans between 21-39 years old

Pre-requisite: Completed “Make Basic Breads” module.


Full Fees : $743.93

SME / MCES / Singaporeans > 40 years old : $266.18

Non SME / PRs / Singaporeans < 39 years old : $402.68

Additional Info

UEN number: 200821327E

Course Code : TGS-2018500654

Course Funding Period : 01 Nov 2018 - 15 May 2024

Course Duration : 5 Days 


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