ICDL Insights - Internet Of Things (IoT)

ICDL Insights - Internet Of Things (IoT)

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Course Synopsis

With more application of Internet of Things, there is an increased in interest with regards to how IoT is applied and how it can be utilized to improve the quality of life as well as make work more efficient.

Course Objectives

Participants of this course will be introduced to the IoT technology.  Learners will understand the concept of IoT as well as learn about the different components of the technology.  During the workshop, learners will also understand the trends of IoT and learn about the ethical considerations of implementing IoT as well as awareness of the security risks.

Target Audience 

Professionals, Managers, Executives, Technicians

Assumed Skills (Minimum Entry Requirement)

Learners must possess WPL level 5 and WPN level 5.
Learners must be able to operate computers at intermediate level.

Instructional Method

Interactive presentation and sharing


Group Discussion

Course Content

Course Content

  1. Understand What Is Internet Of Things (IoT) 

Define the term Internet of Things

Recognise the common structure of an IoT system: application, data processing, network, sensing

Identify physical components of an IoT system

Identify processing requirements in an IoT system

Recognise the origins and development of IoT

  1. Identify The Common Usage Of IoT In Consumer And Commercial Applications 

Recognise common examples of consumer and commercial IoT applications

Recognise common examples of Industrial IoT applications

Recognise common examples of infrastructural IoT applications

  1. Appreciate The Trends Of IoT And Its Evolution

Recognise physical trends in the evolution of IoT like miniturisation, ubiquity, scale

Recognise the increasing role of governance in the design of IoT systems

  1. Understand The Key Ethical Considerations For Implementing IoT 

Understand key ethical considerations that must inform adoption of IoT systems like: decision making, privacy

Understand security risks associated with adopting IoT systems

Be aware of common interoperability challenges that may impact adoption of IoT systems

Consider the possible structure of an IoT system that could be implemented in a given scenario


Additional Info


Course Duration : 1 Day ( 8 Hours) 


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